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Philip Jacobs (CEO) is 52 years old, born in Oslo, moved to California in 1987 to study at California Lutheran University. After earning his degree in 1990 he worked for a sister company of Packard Bell in charge of all their export to Europe. In 1994 he used his experience to start Nortech Industries, a company that has been shipping computer components to importers all over Norway before starting as a co-founder of ship2norway.com.

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Alex Boemark (CFO). With 26 of years of experience in finance – having worked as Senior Financial Analyst for such companies as Coca Cola and Motorola, Alex has deep understanding of what it takes to maintain the financial health of a company. He is skilled in margin optimization, planning, and economic growth.

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Eskil Nordhaug (CTO) is what could be considered an ‘internet veteran’, having been online since 1992 before there were even web browsers or a web. Eskil launched his first successful e-commerce business in 2004, which he later sold in 2008. Since then, he has helped countless entrepreneurs and multi-Million dollar companies grow their business online.

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